The next Electrovision features yet another great lineup of international visual artist and musicians. We have performances by Oli Sorenson, Dan Tait, Kasia Justka, Astrid Steiner, Joe Catchpole and Oscar Pablos Salazar.

  The Roxy Bar and Screen
128-132 Borough High Street
London SE1 1LB
(Next to Sainsbury's)

8:00pm - 12:30am
Saturday, 30th of April 2011
£5 at the door


  60 seconds somewhere

8:00 Luma.Launisch - 60 Seconds Somewhere

Luma.Lanuish are "visualists with an eye for the power of the image" (Ilan Katin). At Electrovision the Austrian VJ duo consisting of Astrid Steiner and Florian Launisch, will premiere their new cinematic audio visual piece "60 Seconds Somewhere". This is a poetic visual journey of 25 places around the world with breathtakingly gorgeous images. The music will be provided by Last FM DJ Lumberjack.


  Pani K

9:00 Pani K. - Wrrrroaahh!!!!

Pani K is Kasia Juska, a polish video artist, VJ and filmmaker living in berlin. She will be treating us to a performance "full of emotions, feelings, intuitions" entitled Wrrrroaahh!!!! an epic experimental atmospheric haunting cinematic experience accompanied by a self produced soundtrack with field recording.



10:00 Dan Tait and Oli Sorenson - THX

Dan Tait and Oli Sorenson remix THX 1138, George Lucas' first feature film and all time SF cult classic. This remix performance itself is now reaching a cult following, with previous sellout shows at the BFI's Dark Fibre as well as the Big Chill cinema tent. Within the 50-minute performance, Dan and Oli completely tear open the film's structure, while surprisingly keeping its narrative thread intact. The result is a refreshing view on a still obscure film, to be enjoyed with or without knowing the original score.


  light heavy

11:00 Joe Catchpole and Ojah - Heavy/Light

Heavy/Light is a new collaboration from two established artists: Joe Catchpole and Ojah (Oscar Pablos Salazar). Ojah has released music on many different labels, including Sony BMG, Dubkraft, Dubforce, Digibeatmusic, Lafamille and currently runs his own Label, Alchemy Dubs. Joe Catchpole is as VJ and video director who has worked across the UK and internationally, from the Tate Britain, Fabric Nightclub and the Royal Festival Hall to community arts events in France. His versatile visual skills have partnered with a diverse range of musicians from Roots Manuva to the Orb.