The next Electrovision features yet another great lineup of international visual artist and musicians. This time we have performances revolving around live cinema, computer generated visuals and cooking by artist Simon Katan, Blanca Regina & Matthias Kispert, Astrid Steiner & Akama Ryoko and Akira.

  The Roxy Bar and Screen
128-132 Borough High Street
London SE1 1LB
(Next to Sainsbury's)

8:00pm - 12:30am
Saturday, 22nd of October 2011
£5 at the door


  God over Djinn

8:30 Simon Katan - God Over Djinn

A computer visual and synthesised sound composition that draws on our intuitive understanding of the physical world, as well as playing with ambiguities between scale and perspective in two-dimensional representation to create seemingly infinitely nested worlds of colliding objects.



9:00 Blanca Regina & Matthias Kispert - Banquet

Banquet mixes sound and visual material collected by the artists together with appropriated footage from advertising, to create a poetic investigation of food and its manifold cultural relevances. The stuff we eat sometimes goes almost unnoticed in our daily routines, but its significance ranges from cultural, political and religious spheres to the personal and the erotic.


  from dark to light

10:00 Astrid Steiner (Luma.Launisch) & Akama Ryoko - From Dark to Light

In their performance 'From Dark to Light' Astrid Steiner (Luma.Launisch) and Akama Ryoko explore urban spaces acoustically and visually. Recorded soundscapes of the city meet an urban imagery in focus. Astrids visual journeys can pilot you into a colourful balloon, letting you float over the boats of the Bosphorus only to land in New York's Central Park, while sound artist Ryoko Akama works with the revaluation of space and sound, the research of music within the city. She will present her piece with a laptop and multi-portable CD players. Always in focus: The journey.



11:00 8GB

8GB is an audio-visual project developed by Akira K. in 2004 and expresses his fixation with old computer hardware utilized in modern working environments. House, electro, break beat and techno usually flirt with dub step and latin vibes, in this energetic live set that includes powerful stage energy and visual feedback thanks to the set's super synchronized live visuals.