The next Electrovision and the first one in 2012 will be part of the London Short Film Festival and present a line-up specifically tailored to this theme. We will feature new and groundbreaking live-cinema performances by artists blinkinLAB, Mia Makela, Eyesonthewall and Noname.

  The Roxy Bar and Screen
128-132 Borough High Street
London SE1 1LB
(Next to Sainsbury's)

8:00pm - 12:30am
Saturday, 14th of January 2012
£5 at the door



8:00 Shortfilm: KOZMOS by Margaret Cox

A short film about Yuri Gagarin with music by UNKLE. First staged as a series of video art installations, at the National Center for Contemporary Art Moscow, KOZMOS was an artists’ collective formed by curator Margaret Cox, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of man's first flight into space, the flight of the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on board the Soviet spacecraft Vostok. Russian painters, photographers, filmmakers and theatre designers, together with the British Electronic group UNKLE collaborated to mark this momentous event in human history.



8:30 blinkinLAB - synthetic synaesthetic aesthetic

blinkinLAB is the collective name of Tom and Satoko Wall who work together to create motion graphics and concert visuals for artists including Leftfield, Pet Shop Boys, Chase and Status and Pendulum. As VJs they have perforrmed at numerous venues from Ministry of Sound to Outlook Festival in Croatia and their fully self-generated material ensures a unique visual experience.

This performance will focus on visualising their own ambient electronic soundscapes through an exploration of architectural and mechanical forms.



9:30 Mia Makela - Almodovar Remix

Mia Makela works in the fields of real-time audiovisual performance, experimental video and documentary. Her visual language has a mystical dream-like narrative approach and has been described as a digital version of William Blake's poetry. She processes her material in real-time and performs in tandem with musicians. Makela, an innovator in the field of live cinema, has shown her work and lectured all over the globe.



10:30 Eyesonthewall - Regenesis

'‘REGENESIS’ will emerge as an experimental and fluid synthesis of the analogue and digital, the improvisational and participatory elements, and the intention is to alter the perceptual encounter, so the ‘REGENESIS’ will suggest the audience to re-engage with the imaginative layers of experience and decode the meaning of transformation. The focal point of the show is the simultaneity of illusion and equilibrium, of transition and puzzlement, of intensification and growth.



11:30 Noname (Nerea Castro) - Echoes

Noname is the definition used to signify an anonymous or non-specific person, whose true identity is unknown or to be use in hypothetical case. Echoes is the distorted voice telling us who we are and what we want, a world of dreams and nightmares.