Monday 26th of January 2009 • 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm • cafe 1001 - 1 Dray Walk - London E1

dr.mo presents an evening of live cinema with cutting edge audio-visual performances:


7:45-8:30 inputJunkie & dr.mo

inputJunkie is the name under which John Heery creates, produces and performs electronic ambient melodic and chunky music. Having self-released two albums : 'Have you seen my tea' and 'Insertions and Excursions', he's gearing up for his next release fieldstudies'.

8:30-9:00 The Beaufort Scale

Inspired by a shared love of Ambient Electronica, Dub, Jazz, Funk, Electro and even Shoegaze; The Beaufort Scale produce carefully-crafted aural landscapes - fusing together rich layers of live instrumentation with electronica all held together with a liberal application of dub bass and found sound. The Beaufort Scale AV is a collaboration with Idetic Films, who bring lush visuals that integrate seemlessly with the music.

9:00-10:00 PIKILIPITA 4

A must see collaboration between the talked about PIKILIPITA team and PRICKIMAGE w Strap-on with music by Matsai will break new ground. Expect to be surprised by a stunning performance as the Pikilipita 4 step out of the traditional screen format: 'Harajuku zoo animals escaping from the screen frame. Watch your back! The candy-coloured figures might bite you...'

10:00-end nebulus & Ten Ton Atom

Combining real time 3d and audio reactive generative visuals with custom made software and handmade midi controllers, doing things the easy way is not on the agenda. Inspired by music visualizers of old, his style is a intense mixture of the blurry, smokey and psychedelic, nebulus by name nebulus by nature...

Live Electro/Techno by Ten Ton Atom